Commodore C64/128 Wifi modem


Your Commodore 64 of 128 online using your WiFi network online!


This version uses level shifters to convert NodeMCU 3.3V level and the User Port 5V level. This prevents the C64 userport from being loaded due to a level mismatch.


Version: Sven Petersen / rev 2



Not entirely new, still very nice! Your retro-commodore 64 or 128 connected to the internet! You connect the WiFi modem to the userport of the C64/128. In the WiFi Modem there is a CG340 WiFi interface which you can connect to your WiFi network.


Surfing like on your modern computer is of course not possible with your retro computer. Your C64/128 connects via telnet sessions to BBS systems (Bulletin Board System). In the years before the Internet, Bulletin boards were the way to connect to other computers. Previously via the analog telephone line. The C64 WiFi modem replaces the analog connection with a modern WiFi connection.  Reliving old times!


At the moment there is still a large amount of Bulletin Board Systems online for your retro computer.


You connect this WiFi modem to the user port of your Commodore 64 or 128.


Link to gitbub page:



A link to a youtube video in which you see the WiFi modem working: