3D printed parts.

When parts of housings break or go missing, it is of course no longer easy to order them from the original supplier. For many retro computers, the supplier no longer even exists.


Fortunately, modern techniques such as 3D printing offer a solution here!


Retro-Updates.com offers the possibility to have the parts below printed in 3D. These are supplied in PLA and PET-G as standard.


An exact match in terms of color with the now old retro computers cannot be made, but an off-white (Cream) color is used. You can of course spray the printed part yourself in the desired color afterwards.


Below you will find a selection of available 3D printed parts, but you can of course also make a request for a new part. For this you must supply the relevant 3D model file in .STL format.


Because these parts are printed in very limited numbers (sometimes even especially for you), the delivery time is 3-5 working days.


Do you have a special wish? Please let us know via the contact form on the right.


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Available parts: