PISCSI ZERO (RASCSI) - Reloaded V1.0 - SCSI device emulator

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PISCSI (formerly RASCSI) is a SCSI device emulator for Commodore Amiga and Classic Apple MAC.

PCB rev. 1.0

Standard including DB25 connector.

By means of the external raspberry PI power supply, you can power the RASCSI PCB through the connected Raspberry PI*.


* The Raspberry PI is not included by default!


If your Retro computer, such as a 64k processor, is based on Commodore Amiga or Apple Mac, it will most likely work with a so-called SCSI interface for controlling your hard disk, CR-ROM and other storage media.


Like all old storage media, these become unreliable and are no longer readily available.


Here's where RASCSI offers a solution!


RASCSI is a device, based on a Raspberry PI zero on a RASCSI board. By means of a microSD card you can announce 1 or more SCSI devices on a web-based configuration option. This web configuration is possible through the WiFi functionality of the Raspberry PI on the RASCSI solution.  These SCSI devices are then immediately available on your retro computer. They are seen as if they were real hard disks or CD-ROMs!


You connect this RASCSI Zero to the external connector of your SCSI controller.


Important information:

When the Raspberry PI is turned off (not a good shutdown) this can result in errors. Because of this, it is necessary to give the Raspberry PI a shutdown via the control panel. A soft reset of the computer is of course no problem (the Raspberry PI will then continue to work).


PISCSI/RASCSI is an open source project.


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