Amiga PlipBox - Parallel Port Ethernet Adapter

€33.50 €32.50

Your Amiga connected to your computer network and the internet by means of this PlipBox!


You connect the PlipBox to the parallel port of your Amiga, connect the Ethernet cable (no WiFi!) to the Plipbox, and provide the PlipBox with external power via a USB-C connnector*

* External power supply not included.


The PlipBox works with amiga types : 500/600/1200/2000/2500/3000(T)/4000(T)

For the Amiga 1000 you need a so-called gender changer since the Amiga 1000 has a male instead of female parallel port connector.



The required drivers can be found here:


You can then work with one of the following applications:

  • Miami
  • MiamiDX
  • AmiTCP
  • Roadshow
  • Genesis


Instructional video where you can see how to connect and configure the plipbox for your AmigaOS operating system: