Lazarustorm external CPU adapter for Amiga 500


Lazarustorm is an adapter board for your Amiga 500 which you connect to the expansion port (left side). The board is specially made for the PiStorm but can of course also be used for other purposes.


By connecting the Lazarustorm PCB externally, you do not need to remove your existing 68000 processor from your Amiga. You can easily place the PiStorm PCB including Raspberry PI on the LazaruStorm PCB.


For some Amiga500 revisions it is necessary to close a jumper by means of a solder bridge. JP6 must be closed.


Note: Does not work on Amiga 500 rev. 5 boards.



See photo: It concerns JP6 which is located directly behind the expansion port.


In the video below you can see how to connect the Lazarustorm PCB, and how it then uses the PiStorm.