RGB to HDMI Video-Adapter board CPLD v2.1 for Amiga 2000


RGB to HDMI Adapter board CPLD v.2.1 for inserting in Video adapter slot of your Amiga 2000.


With this adapter board you turn the standard RGB signal of your Amiga 2000 into a digital HDMI signal.


Including 3D printed backplate for your Amiga 2000.



On this board you need to attach a RaspBerry PI zero. Via software (available via the link below), which you put on a MicroSD card, the RaspBerrry PI zero converts the Amiga digital RGB signal from the Commodore Amiga Denise or Super Denise chip into a digital HDMI signal, so that you can connect your modern monitor (4:3 or 16:9) directly.


The Raspberry PI Zero with software is not included.


More information can be found at:



The software for the Raspberry PI can be found at: