RGB to HDMI Video-Adapter board CPLD v2.0 for Amiga 500


Sublime image quality with HDMI on your Amiga 500 !


New CPLD Version 2.0 - RGB to HDMI Adapter Board for Amiga 500



With this solution based on this adapter board and a Raspberry Pi zero for the existing Amiga 500 Denise video chip, it is possible to convert the existing internal RGB video signal (upscaled) to a modern HDMI signal.

Installation consists of moving the existing Denise video chip on the adapter board, on which you then attach the Raspberry PI zero with MicroSD card.


The standard DB23 RGB connector on the back of your Amiga 500 will continue to work.



This solution comes standard without Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero 2, MicroSD.



Software for the MicroSD in Raspberry PI Zero:



Full information can be found at: