C64 Dead-test & Diagnostics Cartridge


2-in-1 cartrdige for diagnosis of your Commodore 64.

Commodore 64 Dead-test 781220 & Diagnostics 586220 Cartridge


It is a Dead-test cartridge with which you can diagnose the hardware in your Commodore 64, and if you insert this cartridge turned over into the cartridge slot of your Commodore 64 you can use the Diagnostic cartridge with which you can perform further checks.


For the Diagnostic cartridge you can optionally also buy a so-called 'Harness'. This is a set of dongles that you also connect to the various ports of the Commdore64 to confirm its operation.




You can optionally order the test Harness, or find it as a separate item : Test Harnas for Diagnostics 586220 Cartridge


The optional harness set includes:

  • 2x Control port dongle
  • 1x Cassette port dongle
  • 1x Keyboard dongle
  • 1x User port dongle
  • 1x Serial port dongle


Short video (youtube) explaining the use of this cartridge :https://youtu.be/knEqedMEMRA