PI1541Zero - Commodore 1541 Emulator


The PI1541Zero is a very compact cycle-exact Commodore 1541 floppy drive emulator for your Commodore 64 and 128.


You simply connect the PI1541Zero to your disk drive (serial) port of your computer and power the PI1541 via the mini USB port of the PI1541Zero.


Includes: PI1541 HAT PCB with OLED SCREEN AND Serial cable.


Via a MicroSD card, which you can easily change from the side, you can easily add image files.

By means of the buttons and the OLED screen you can easily select the desired image, after which you can approach the content exactly like a real Commodore 1541 disk drive.


Does not include Raspberrry PI zero.


If you order the Raspberry PI with MicroSD card, we will also prepare the MicroSD card with the PI1541 software.