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PI1541 Zero & Epyx fastload cartridge


The PI1541 is a cycle-exact Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator Including an Epyx fastload module, suitable for: Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Vic20, Commodore 16, Commodore Plus4

You connect this cartridge to the cartridge port of your Commodore 64/Commodore 128/Commodore 16/Commodore Plus4/Commodore VIC20 and you immediately have access to the Epyx fastload functions. Connect the cable to the serial (disk drive) port of your computer, after which the PI1541 behaves like a 'real' 1541 disk drive.

You place all your desired software on a MicroSD card, which you then simply select via the OLED screen and push buttons. The LED indicates read/write activity.

You approach the PI1541 drive exactly like your normal commodore 1541 drive. Commands like: LOAD"$",8 or LOAD"*",8 work of course.


Highly recommended!


Raspberry PI not included.


Thanks go out to: Case design: Cem Tezcan (Cem Tezcan - Personal Portfolio)


Youtube video explaining this great cartridge: