PI1541 Zero & Epyx fastload cartridge


The PI1541 is a cycle-exact Commodore 1541 disk drive emulator Including an Epyx fastload module, suitable for: Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Vic20, Commodore 16, Commodore Plus4

You connect this cartridge to the cartridge port of your Commodore 64/Commodore 128/Commodore 16/Commodore Plus4/Commodore VIC20 and you immediately have access to the Epyx fastload functions. Connect the cable to the serial (disk drive) port of your computer, after which the PI1541 behaves like a 'real' 1541 disk drive.

You place all your desired software on a MicroSD card, which you then simply select via the OLED screen and push buttons. The LED indicates read/write activity.

You approach the PI1541 drive exactly like your normal commodore 1541 drive. Commands like: LOAD"$",8 or LOAD"*",8 work of course.


Highly recommended!


Raspberry PI not included.


If you order the Raspberry PI with MicroSD card, we will also prepare the MicroSD card with the PI1541 software.


Youtube video explaining this great cartridge:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4hpOBT6NK0