Amiga DIAGROM v1.3


Version 1.3 available since April 21th 2023:


(Original 27C400 chips used)


With this Diagnostic ROM you can test your Amiga hardware. 


Output of the diagnosis on the screen or via the serial port.



Available in a variant for the Amiga 500/600/2000, and a variant (consisting of 2 ROMS) for the Amiga 1200/3000/4000.



HI ROM is to be used at:

U6A – Amiga 1200, U175 – Amiga 4000, U181 – Amiga 3000


LO ROM is to be used at:

U6B – Amiga 1200, U176 – Amiga 4000, U180 – Amiga 3000


More information about diagrom can be found here:


Meer informatie over het gebruik van de serial port output vindt u op: