Gotek Floppy emulator - Flashfloppy firmware


This replaces an existing floppy disk drive from your retro computer such as Commodore Amiga, Atari St, MSX, Synthesizers or Samplers and allows you to load disk images using a USB flash drive*


*USB flash drive not included.


The USB stick can of course contain a large number of disk images. By means of the rotary encoder you can quickly find and select the desired disk image.


The clear 0.91 inch OLED screen clearly indicates which disk image you have selected and also shows the tracks and side during loading.



The buzzer is a small speaker that makes drive sounds (soft) so that you hear when the Gotek drive loads.


The units always work on the basis of the latest available firmware from FlashFloppy, which supports a very large number of retro computers, but also synthesizers and samplers. You can also retrofit these Gotek drives with a newer FlashFloppy firmware later.


A list of supported systems can be found here:


More information about FlashFloppy firmware can be found here: