Gorky 17

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The game in the AmigaOS 3.x (68k) version is delivered in a bundle with the OS4 version and comes in the form of the OS4 version (DVD case, with printed manual), as well as a USB stick with the installer for the 68k version.


November 2008. NATO intelligence reports that the Russian military destroyed Gorky 17, one of the old secret cities of the Soviets, for unknown reasons. A year later, NATO took over a former Russian secret base on Polish soil. During earthworks, a laboratory facility is discovered in the completely destroyed city. After examining the debris, NATA decides to leave the laboratory as it is. 


But a short time later, the previously deserted streets of the city are suddenly teeming with hordes of grotesquely deformed creatures. The media soon get wind of it, making it impossible for NATO to simply destroy the area. So the troops are ordered to hermetically seal off the area. No one is allowed in or out. Will they uncover the terrible secret of Gorky 17? And more importantly - will they survive to tell anyone else about it?

Be ready for intrigue, deceit, and even some romance. You'll need clever combat tactics as well as some brains to solve puzzles. In addition, you can search offices, shoot up locks and communicate with other characters.

  • A captivating story with great characters
  • Deep sci-fi/horror atmosphere set in an abandoned Polish town
  • Fantasievolle Monster und eine großartige Mischung aus rundenbasiertem Kampf und Elementen eines Abenteuerspiels


System Requirements AmigaOS 3.x (68k) Version:

  • PiStorm (Pi3/Pi4/PiCm4) or Vampire V4 or UAE
  • At least 180 MB RAM on loaded workbench
  • Requires either CybergraphX or Picasso 96 installed, no support for AGA, requires chunky 640x480 16 bit mode
  • AHI required
  • Requires approx. 1 GB of free hard drive or SD card space


The game has been localized in English, German, French (French with subtitles only), Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Hungarian (via download).


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