DC-64d: the complete DC-Power mod for the C64


The DC-64d v0.2 is a high-current switching DC-DC converter for the Commodore-64 that allows powering the computer with a modern 12Vdc power supply, thus replacing the original transformer.


The DC-64 generates all internal voltages for the correct functioning of the computer, with high efficiency and improved stability. It also generates a high-precision "time of day" (TOD) clock, which would normally be derived from the input AC power.


The DC-64 does not generate the 9Vac voltage normally present on the user-port, which may cause some user-port accessories to not function correctly or at all.


Installation only requires basic soldering skills and is fully reversible.


The manual can be found here : <Manual>

More information on the GitHub page : <GitHubLink>

DC 64 X V 0 Manual Pdf
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