SIDKick - complete SID replacement

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Version v0.4 - SIDKick is a drop-in replacement for the SID sound chips used in C64s and C128s based on a Teensy 4.1. It is able to emulate two SIDs (6581 and/or 8580) and a Sound Expander (offering Yamaha OPL-based FM sound) at the same time. It makes no compromises with regard to quality: the emulation is based on reSID and fmOPL. It also comes with a few extras.


First of all, there are two variants of the PCB: for C64 longboards, and for C64 shortboards. I prepared the latter as the SIDKick+Teensy combination otherwise barely fits below the keyboard in flat C64c cases unless you use low-profile sockets and pin headers (1). All 4 PCB-versions fit into a C128; installation in a C128D requires removing a standoff below the power supply and gently lifting it (same as with other dual SID options).

Of both variants there are two revisions: the latest one (v0.4) is a single-sided PCB using smaller IC footprints and provides easy-to-reach 3.3V and GND pins. Both revisions (v0.3 and v0.4) provide extension pins for the SAM button, MIDI, and LED-stripe extensions.


Note:  Both PCBs provide the same functionality.

Currently its features include:

  • 6581 and/or 8580 emulation based on reSID 0.16 or reSID 1.0 (configurable)
  • 2nd-SID address at $d400, $d420, $d500, $d420 + $d500 simultaneously, $de00, $df00
  • Sound Expander/FM emulation based on fmOPL (at $df00)
  • paddle/mouse support
  • built-in configuration menu (launch with "SYS 54301")
  • built-in PRG launcher (via menu)
  • 10 different profiles, switchable on-the-fly via an optional button (otherwise via menu), "SAM" will tell you which you selected.
  • sound output via Teensy MQS (PWM) or high-quality using a PT8211/TM8211-DAC, filters, and an operational amplifier
  • output available at connectors (stereo) or routed through the mainboard (mono)

More details : Github



Instructions: Installing SIDKick SID replacement | ezContents blog