Amiga external floppy adapter


This adapter has been tested with various Amiga floppy drives and Gotek floppy emulators. It was designed to plug directly into the external floppy port of the Amiga and connect a Gotek USB emulator with a 34-pin IDC cable and a power cable. The floppy connector on the board is rotated so a floppy cable can go in a straight loop to a Gotek laying on top of the Amiga.


DB23 connector:

An orignal DB23 connector is used. 

We are using original DB23 connectors in stead of modified DB25 to DB23 connectors. As these DB23 connectors are very rare, this causes the price of this floppy adapter to be a bit more expensive.


J4 is the passthrough connector for a second or third external drive.




- 35 to 40 cm (13 to 14 inch)  floppycable and floppy power cable.


Design: Retro Ninja